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Can a harem be established on an uninhabited island?

thank you always.

This is hayama from the salon.


From the beginning, it is a sudden coming out,i love man


I enjoy talking to male friends more than female friends,Playing with men is more exciting.

I have lived for a little over 40 years, but from childhood to now,It's a fact that never changes.


of course,I like women as well.

(Apparently I'm not gay)


By the way, I went to a co-ed high school.Rather,"I don't want to go to a boys' school even if it kills me! ”That's what I thought.

Even now, just imagining that there is not a single woman in this world,My eyes go round and I almost suffocate (laughs).


Even though I'm supposed to be looking for "femininity" to death,on second thoughtsWhy are men having more fun?


What I can say with certainty is that if the other person is a man or a woman,The “texture” of enjoyment is completely different.

I,The essence of fun when you are with a woman is "consideration"I think it is.


Think about a date plan that makes your heart pound,Think of a gift that will make you happy,Show masculinity and escort,I nodded and sympathized with the trivial story...

To put it bluntly, everything takes time and effort,There are many wastes and detours, and in order to please women,It's a little stressful.

But in a good wayThe place where you can demonstrate this kind of consideration isIt is the greatest pleasure of interacting with women,It's fun, isn't it?

Also, because there is an instinctive energy called libido at the root,It may be that ′′ caring is not painful ′′ so far.

At first, we started by fumbling with each other,In the process of gradually unraveling,There are more facial expressions that you can show only to yourself,I could feel that he was open to me...


Compared to these pleasures,Happiness between men is so simple,Straightforward and innocent.The calculation is zero.


The content of the conversation is mostly dirty jokes (laughs). XNUMX% XNUMX%,It's exciting to talk about women (sorry to all women).

How was your ex-girlfriend?My co-workers at work are cute,That girl I passed by on the street had big breasts,When I called Deriheru, a dangerous girl came...

Anyway, put yourself on the shelf and say as much as you want and fantasize as much as you want.Even so, the stories about women come out one after another(Smile).


Naturally, such topicsEven if you talk to a woman, you can't get excited at all, and you can't get sympathy.It's not fun.

I'm not making a character separately,When talking to a woman, the topic is completely different,The mode is switched properly.


It's a little rough to say, butLove affairs with womenIt becomes a "good story" in conversations between men.


In my teens and twenties,I often pick up girls on the streets of Shibuya or on the beach,Thinking about it now,I don't think he was really doing that to attract women.I feel like that.

When playing with several men,If you find a little cute girl group,I reflexively call to speak,"Environment"What is it?

If you can get it well, you can make a profit.However,It's fun even if you end up failing.Rather flashy flutter,It will be a delicious story.

By the happening element called Nampa,The place is festive and exciting.


Even in joint parties, in the play between men,Something that happens to have a woman as a story.Decide cool,A guy who seriously comes to make a girlfriend,Most men hate it.


Not limited to pick-ups and joint parties,Episodes with women who meet by chance in various scenes of life,Everything is a treasure trove of dramatic material.

"I want to hold a better woman than him!"Competitiveness and jealousy unique to men also become spicesBecause,No matter how old I am, I will pursue my dreams and work hard.

But inside it was wounded by pure love,It also included some bittersweet experiences...

There is a history of men's growth properly.


I think it's a feeling that women don't understand,Like thisI would be happy if you could understand the purity of a man even a little.(Smile).


But if you turn your backBecause men are surrounded by countless men,I really enjoy dating a single womanIt seems to be said.


Suppose you let 100 beautiful women live on an uninhabited island,Suppose that only one of them is a man.

At first glance, it's an enviable situation, butThis man has a harem state,Can you really enjoy yourself?


I think the answer is definitely no.


For males, in a world where there are no rivals around,There is no pleasure in sex.Doesn't it all seem worthless?


Only,Precisely because there is a community that can be compared with men other than yourself, When you get a beautiful woman, unconsciously immerse yourself in a sense of superiority,I think that you can feel the special affection from women all over your body.


A harem cannot be established on an uninhabited island.


Considering this, dating clubs like THE SALON also have an “invisible shadow” of other members.You can enjoy it because there isI feel like I can truly feel the joy of meeting you.



Shinji Hayama


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