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Everyone prefers someone who is clean to someone who is unclean

Always I am indebted.
This is Kawakami from THE SALON.

Recently, the interview process has changed a bit.
Or rather, should I say that I returned to the past?

What has changed?
Until now, what was a two-stage format of online interview → office interview,
From the beginning, we made it a format that office interviews are possible (only one interview).
(As before, online interview → office interview format is also possible)
(I may go back to the two-step format again...)

That's why I've been able to meet women directly more than before!

If you're online, what are you here for?There were times when I interviewed people who had an attitude that made me think,
I have not yet met such a person if it is a direct method.
Are you being sifted in that you have to come directly,
Are you making an attitude by meeting directly...
I think it's the former (*^^*)!

By the way, Kawakami, I made an appointment with the dentist.
Book an examination.
I'm embarrassed to say that I haven't had a regular check-up until now.
The last time I went to the dentist was about three years ago.

So what made you want to go all of a sudden?
straight out
“Isn’t this tartar!?”
It was because there was something that I could think of myself~~~~~~~(TT)
Yes, at the time of booking, I told them that I would like to have their teeth removed.

People with beautiful teeth have a sense of cleanliness!
(I'm afraid it's unnaturally white, but...)
On the contrary, if it is a gacha tooth or it is very yellow ... ...
The charm is halved at once! !

Orthodontics are expensive and
Whitening may cause hypersensitivity concerns, so
Although it may be difficult to initiate treatment,
Let's do it just by taking tartar and coloring at regular checkups!As soon as I thought.

Even in an interview, I still look at my teeth.
If my teeth were beautiful, I would be able to push...
There are many things I think and talk to the staff.

Please take care of your mouth as much as you can.

It's not something that Kawakami, who hasn't done anything until now, can boast about.
But Kawakami will do it...!

Sana Kawakami


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