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If you can't introduce me, don't hire me

Always I am indebted.
My name is THE SALON Haneda.
It's already the second half of February.
Frightening speed.
How are you all doing? ?
Sneezing and itchy eyes make this season difficult. (>_<)
Haneda is still itching to go out.
(As a result of continuing to exercise well, my crotch opened. Lol)

Since last week, we have been contacting salon women to confirm their continuation.
It's been a while since the registration, and the current staff has never met a woman or
There were many women who could not connect to the setting even once due to the lack of registration information.
Even if I say "400 members have been registered!"
It is the SALON's fault that we have never been able to set up a woman.
SALON Female employment rate is 5 in 1,
Depending on the time, I hired the woman because she was attractive among the hiring rate of 10 out of 1 people.
From there, let them have expectations, let them wait, let them sleep,
Contact me now SALON What is that?
It will be.
I am very sorry.

Among them
"It's been a while, so I'll ask you to meet me.
I would be happy if you could talk to me about a lot of things.I think the atmosphere has also changed. 』
Thank you very much for your reply.
And above all, I was surprised by the quick reply.

I feel very sorry while sending the continuation confirmation even though it is late.
When I put myself in the position of the same woman and thought
If you can't introduce me, don't hire me!
I thought.
have half-hearted expectations,
I thought I should have been able to make as many suggestions as I had to keep waiting. (very remorse)

Two years ago, we were doing our best to increase the number of female members.
Since we will adopt it, we will be able to set it up so that you can visit the salon at least once in the future.

Thank you for coming to the interview with so many people every day.

Thank you in the future.


Ayano Haneda


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