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Chatting with members ②

thank you always.

This is hayama from the salon.


As usual,in your daily work,I enjoy chatting with male and female members.

During these few days, between interviews and settings,We had a blast talking with everyone.


I received the following question from a female member.


"I read your blog, do you like men? (I mean,What is it? )”

"And what do you mean by wearing a ring? (In other words,Is it camouflage? )”


Indeed, in the last blog, "I love men"I wrote that, but to the last, it is the "tsukami" at the beginning.

It seems that woman didn't read the blog to the end, cut out only a part, and thought I was a serious guy.It seemed 💦


Well, I have a "properly female" wife.It's not even camouflage (laughs).


Also, just to be sure, I am an affirmative and understanding person for both gays and lesbians.

* I have close friends with gender identity disorder around me, both men and women.Here, it is written in light as a topic of the story to the last.


I see,If my blog is long and not interesting, I wonder if people won't read it to the end (laughs).


It was a night full of reflection and gratitude that you read it just by touching it!


Also, recently, from a male member,I would like to call out to you like this.


"Hayama-san is the only male staff at the salon, right?I envy you."


Umm, it's just a word, but I'm not envious at all...?

Haneda, Kawakami, Sakurai, and all the other staff members are women.Moreover,This is not a pitch-pitch young man,I'm an old man.


Well,Completely away.


There is no such thing as an old man's joke.

I thought that if I rushed with a ground character, the air would be too thick and I would be drawn away.I dare to kill the momentum.


In terms of the pitcher's type of pitch, is it a changeup?


Try talking about sweets and pets,Trying to act more like a girl than a girl (normally disgusting)...

one way or another,Trying to assimilate and get used to the female-only atmosphere, I'm doing trial and error in my own way as a manHm.


In terms of pitchers, more than a fastball,It is a type that catches and suppresses by making it hit with the slowness and speed of the changing ball.




I don't hate myself for being so considerate.

after all,Whether the surroundings are men, women, or men, it doesn't matter at all.Hayama, a person who loves himselfIt was.


Anyway, I can't help but enjoy talking with members and staff now.

In chatting with you today,I want to bloom a lot!



Shinji Hayama


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