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Attention please! CA has joined us.

Always I am indebted.
This is Kawakami from THE SALON.

It's a situation that the emergency declaration is about to be lifted.
If it is set after 18:00,
Even if it is established, it will be difficult to eat together...
There is a joy to be released from the frustration.

By the way, you just joined todayCASanIntroducing!

Hayama was in charge of the interview,
I also greeted him directly at that time.

Is the wording and demeanor just like a CA?
Although he is still young, he has an air of elegance.

And above all, CA-san's voice or way of speaking...
It is good, is not it?
"Good morning everyone. We'll be arriving soon..."
Such in-flight announcements make you feel like you can even hear the sound of the engine echoing inside the plane.
yeah, good (Personally, I just miss planes.)

And the most impressive thing this time was this scene on the way home
To the question, "Do you have any plans after this today?"
"No, I will go home and study" was the answer!
In the recent situation, I think that many CA people are in a difficult situation,
Even so, the diligent attitude of spending time studying without spoiling is wonderful.

Kawakami is the type to waste time on his smartphone whenever he gets a chance, so I'm extra interested in him.

And your appearance is also mochiron!Be beautiful.
A slender, beautiful beauty.
She must be beautiful in her uniform.
Wow, I really want to get on a plane...

I would love to meet you.

Sana Kawakami


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