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Oh my gosh! !I forgot to bring a bra

Always I am indebted.
My name is THESALON Haneda.
I entered March from always
"Fast, the flow of time"
Speaking of spring, I want to go cherry blossom viewing🌸
I couldn't go to cherry blossom viewing last year, so I want to enjoy cherry blossom viewing with dumplings and champagne.

The results of the health checkup I received yesterday...
Observation required from the age of 20
"Neutral fat" was five times the average value.
Haneda's blood is made of fat, this year too
It was around this time that I decided to improve my physical condition.
I'm going to quit the beer of the spirit soup.
I will spend a year drinking the DHA supplement and rooibos tea that arrived immediately.
(What an exaggerated decision...)


Haneda is such a place, but the staff
"Please clean the glass."
"Please throw away the trash in the toilet."
I'm talking like a little girl,

Once in a while, I'm going to try to talk about my clankers.

Because of my health checkup, I eat salad every day.
A certain first day
I bought lettuce at a familiar supermarket.
I have to go home and wash...
【is rotten.Isn't it half rotten! ! ]
That's right, it's because you're only looking at the surface and not looking at the bottom, so you hit something like this...

The next day, I completely forgot about that
I bought a small bag of organic sunny lettuce from another supermarket.
【is rotten.Isn't it half rotten! ! ]
I did the same thing again on the second day.

It was a tragedy caused by my selfish belief that the supermarket I always went to had only the freshest products.

The clankers are too bad
Another day
Put boiled rooibos tea in a cute tumbler and go out
The moment you drink. . .

[I wonder if it tastes like detergent! ! ! ]
There was a residue left over from the detergent I washed earlier.

No.I'm already...
Sweet nails.too sweet 💦
I reflected on the weekend.

In addition, there are a mountain of junk episodes.
On a date with my favorite boyfriend
"I feel like I forgot something..."

[Oh my! !I forgot to wear a bra]
Do you forget that? (laughs)
It's all a real event.

Thank you for reading until the end.

Ayano Haneda


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