salon diary

I am grateful every day!

thank you always.

This is hayama from the salon.


Today is the Hinamatsuri.

If you noticeMarch 3, XNUMXis not it.


By chance, the turn of the blog came to me at the timing of "XNUMX Zukushi",somehowhappy mood!


Speaking of happiness, these daysSouvenirs received from membersSurrounded by the staff,We are having a fulfilling "snack time".


Thank you very much for bringing me various items.Especially these days, chocolate is by far the most popular item.


I'm not good at drinking, but I love sweets.I quietly slipped into the female staff,I'm stuffing my cheeks with chocolate every day!


I now have a pile of chocolate in my office.

No matter how much I eat, there is no sign of it going down.rather day by day(laughs)


This is a happy scream.Thank you very much for your kindness!


Sakurai: “After reading Mr. Kawakami’s blog on chocolate, I decided to go to SALON.I thought that all the staff would like chocolate,He said he would bring it."


Hayama: "Huh~, is that so? Kawakami-san's blog is really effective. By the way, chocolate is delicious, but...If you eat sweet, don't you want to eat salty too? ”


Sakurai: "Yes! Rice crackers and fried chicken."


Hayama: "Wow~, I really want to eat fried chicken! Alright,Next time I will ask Mr. Kawakami to write a blog about delicious fried chicken. ”


Well, planning an indirect begging using people's blogs,Hayama is so despicableSo...


So, Mr. Kawakami.I will continue to ask for delicious-looking gourmet articles, not just chocolate and fried chicken (laughs)!



Shinji Hayama


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