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Plastic surgery is like grooming

Always I am indebted.
My name is THE SALON Haneda.
The other day, I went to the second art makeup and my eyebrows are lively (¬_¬) lol
What a convenient world ✨

Lack of sleep lately?Tired?Aging?
A wart-like eruption appears on the chin, or bubbles like Fusen appear in the mouth.
These days, I think that this is a bad sign.
(Safe because it is hidden by a mask)


Today I would like to focus on plastic surgery and becoming beautiful,
I'm ticking my computer.
(Please read to the end of Tomakaruku)

Opportunities to interview women are almost gone these days.
(I have another job (°▽°))
There is a place where you can fill in the interview sheet: plastic surgery → ◯ places → eyes, chin, nose, chest.
This is only a self-report, and
I don't mean to bother telling men,
I love hearing this beauty story.
It is an era when eye surgery can be done for 30,000 yen just by changing from single to double.Cheap!

Haneda:"Did the breast surgery hurt? How did it go? (*^◯^*)?"

Beauty: "I'm going to cut it here and put it in lol
Like this.After that, here, ah, lol

Haneda: "What happened to your chin? (*^◯^*)'

Beauty: "Scrape the bone out of your mouth, like this"

I wouldn't know at all if I didn't say I had plastic surgery!
It's so natural it's amazing! !
(But it definitely hurts. Just imagining it makes me go um.)
I suddenly deviated from the interview
It doesn't feel like an interview, but Haneda becomes curious.
How courageous ✨
I pay a lot of money and feel the pain, so I'm trying like this
When I think about it, I really think it's wonderful that he speaks honestly and that he's trying hard is also wonderful.
(* ^ ▽ ^ *)
In addition, the latest beauty is taught and recommended,
Your nails are cute too,
Is this popular now?
I am enjoying such a normal girls talk (^ ^)
It's a moment of breaking up.

A long time ago, there may have been a prejudice against plastic surgery, but the world today is different.
It seems that there are clubs in the Kansai region where only children who have undergone plastic surgery can work.

What's wrong with plastic surgery?

I understand how women feel.
'Cause people who are pretty and cute get better in life (^^)
There is no doubt that those who live with confidence in themselves will shine ✨
(I am not advocating plastic surgery.)


The state of emergency declaration will also be lifted.
We will pay the best attention to disinfection, etc. in the store.
Thank you for your continued support.

Haneda Ayano


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