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I'm being watched! NG behavior of SALON women

thank you always.

This is hayama from the salon.


As in the previous blog,Haneda runs for 30 minutes a dayIt seems that he started playing


Hear it,"Alright me too!"On the other hand,"But 3It must be tough to run for 0 minutes straight."The weaker one,We have just barely won (laughs).

Still, the face and stomach that have become completely round,Because I want to make it clear...


In the near future, Hayama will also start running.


But Mr. Haneda, just give me a little more time.

After buying cool “running wear”,I want to start running in high spirits.

I'm the type to get everything in shape!



I also had this conversation with Haneda.


"At the time of setting, there are women who are nervous ~"


Courtesy and manners of SALON women for men.

When I see a woman who can't do the minimum consideration in front of a man,We, the staff standing next to us, are in suspense.My heart is pounding.


There are various types of manners violations.NG behaviorThe overwhelming first place ofA woman who doesn't bow when she leaves."


After 20 minutes of feeling time in a small room,When the staff went to talk to him, he stood up and turned his back to the man.straight out the door.On days when you didn't even bow to the end,The staff is also pale.

And in my heart I think:


"Oh my God, this setting might not work 💦"


In fact, there have been times when a man pointed out with a wry smile after setting up.

that's all,Men are watching a lot of women's behavior and appearance!


I don't know if you noticed, but from the moment I showed you to the small room,The male gaze is already on the female.

Just squat down and put down your drink and wet towel,From my position to set the hourglass,I know it well so that I can take it in my hand.


even if you say so,All SALON menOnly friendly and approachable people.

You don't have to be too stiff and rigid, butI hope you don't forget that a little effort to create a fun time will be the gateway to a wonderful encounter!



Shinji Hayama


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