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Curved ball setting like no other

Always I am indebted.
This is Haneda from THESALON.
Half of September has passed.

Dear members since the opening of SALON
Members who have recently joined
Thank you always for your support.

"The custom-made style of SALON
It's fun every time because I'm excited to like it. "
I feel that there are more people who say a lot recently.

It is supported by men who go out and value encounters.
Unlike regular dating clubs, we do not choose women based on their photos.
There are no photos of women in this salon.
That's why I'm asking you what kind of woman you want to meet in detail.

  • celebrity egg woman
  • highly educated woman
  • Anyway, style-oriented bonkyubon
  • Age doesn't matter, beautiful witch
  • A woman who becomes her instead of being a daddy


She's the kind of woman I want to support.
The rest is the feeling.
It's a good deal if the first impression is good.
I can give you any type
It is our job as a concierge to introduce you to someone close to you who can fulfill that ideal.

The other day, I set up a woman with a slightly different atmosphere from the taste of a certain male member.
A different type of woman came, but the conversation was so much fun that she wanted to talk more.
It's time to go out.


It's not all about matching just by looking.
As a concierge, I can properly convey the goodness of women to men.
I thought it was very important.


I think it's a man's heart to want to take a peek at a different type of woman once in a while.


Shimabara is also very good at setting breaking balls, so please contact us.
(Of course, I don't do extreme removal.)

Please let us know your preferences and requests.


THE SALON Haneda Ayano



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