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Is it really your goal?High & low 〇〇 beauties

thank you always.

This is hayama from the salon.


This time, I wrote mainly for male members.

Recently, in my daily matching work,I'm thinking about something like this.


"A beautiful woman who hasn't finished setting up yet,There are so many."

"Some of them are beautiful women with no offers. Even though they are so beautiful,too good to waste! ”


Among the SALON women who were also interviewed,The actual number of settings will vary.

It's not a very good thing, but it's the reality.


"A peerless beauty" who seems to be able to captivate all men,"A 100% charming beauty" who seems to be popular with the general public,The number of times you are called to the setting tends to increase.


However, contrary to this reality, many SALON menwho wants to be bitten?


"A beautiful woman who is not too accustomed to being a daddy"

"It's a strike for me, but a beauty with few competitors"


What is it?


Well, the former has a lot of internal elements of women,It is difficult to judge at the entrance, but a wonderful encounter with the latter isI feel like I can increase it with one ingenuity.



So what I'm secretly keeping an eye on isHeight is over 170cm" or "under 150cm" beauty.

It's "only height", but for women like the above, matching will be a little more difficult.


Taking advantage of it, from the viewpoint of "difficult to turn over",It may be a target.

XNUMX/XNUMXI'm looking at a member's profile picture in the office,This is how beautiful everyone is.


"A slender and beautiful beauty,I want to meet a cute little girl! ”


If you are interested, even when you email or set up,Please secretly inform Hayama (laughs).


If you have any other comments or requests regarding your preferences,We are waiting for you anytime!



Shinji Hayama


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