salon diary

What is dignity

Always I am indebted.
This is Kawakami from THE SALON.

Come to think of it, the large amount of chocolate I bought for Valentine's Day
I finished eating well within the expiration date 🍫
The last one was getting a little tired,
Now that I've finished eating, I'm going to buy a little bit again ✨
Chocolate can be delicious.

Speaking of sweets,
At SALON, sweets are served during the setting from April (*^^*)
With various restrictions, Kawakami is also involved in the selection of sweets.
If you don't mind, please eat it,
Please take it home with you♪

After some setting the other day,
I received the following feedback from a man to a woman.

“You are a very serious and polite person!

eh········! ! ! ! ! !

Kawakami was shocked.
That's the kind of thing that people see.
From the "ssune" tone of school days
Kawakami, who corrected his tone and was satisfied with his tone, said, "What a crude thing."
As for ra-nuki-goto, it's easy to understand whether it's passive or honorific ♪, and he was completely defiant.

Another thing I thought after hearing this opinion

You can imitate being conscious of not speaking words without "ra"!
If you wear it, you can give the other person the impression that you are a polite person!

For those of you who want to speak politely,
Why don't you try to be conscious from such a place?

By the way, this woman, as a matter of course, is polite in her communication.

Sana Kawakami


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