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I will tell you the motivation for registering for SALON women!

Always I am indebted.
This is THE SALON Haneda.
It's Golden Week🎉✨
I was planning to go to Osaka 🎢, but this year I decided to refrain from going and spend time in Tokyo 😫

Declaration of emergency!

I think there are a lot of people who think it's already an octopus in their ears 🐙.
I would like to run and relieve stress lol

well today
About women's registration motivation
I'm writing this because there are people who are interested in men too!

I will start from the first place 🎉


moneyis. 💰(Stop talking like you don't have a dream~💦)

Men!It's too early to be disappointed ( ゚Д゚)

Above all
・For scholarship repayment
・I have a debt
・To pay school fees
・I want to save funds for studying abroad
・ I want a beauty fee
・For shaping

This is the most popular answer.
However, I think it varies from person to person whether or not they can tell their true feelings immediately after meeting them.
I think it's rather difficult to say.
When I imagine that life in Haneda will be difficult even if I have to pay back my scholarships and school fees every day, I really hope that I can meet a good person.
The reason why I want to pay for beauty and plastic surgery is because I was born a girl.I think it's normal to want to look beautiful.
I think it's very nice.
Rather than just wanting money vaguely, I think I'm much more honest with myself.

In the extra edition 📺

・I want to talk to people I can't usually meet.
・I want to grow myself.

If you live normally, what kind of things do business owners and people who earn immeasurable amounts of money than you do?
I'm curious about what kind of effort you put into it, and I think you're a woman with a desire to improve.
Such a woman may be independent in a sense.

Everyone has different motives for registering, but most of them have it firmly.
Some men want to support women with dreams and children who are doing their best,
Some people may think that it doesn't matter what the reason is.
However, when each other's thoughts and feelings match, a long relationship and
It was also a moment when I thought that the relationship might change.

Women's motivations for registering and men's desires for dating, if you can match even this far,
It was around this time that I thought that I could make a better setting. (*^▽^*)

The story changed and Sakurai was transferred and graduated alone.
I am very sad to see my colleagues who have worked hard for the members and the salon for half a year depart.
We will be in the same group from now on, so I will always be waiting for you at the salon 😊! ! ! ! !
"Thank you very much 💛"

[Photo] ← Here is a close shot taken by the four of us the other day
I was thinking of doing it, but I will refrain. (smile)

It's July from today ✨
I have a feeling that there will be a lot of new things again for the summer.
Thank you for your continued support 🌸


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