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THE SALON supports "A man is 40 years old!"


thank you always.

“Recently, my eating habits have gotten thinner.”This is hayama from the salon.


Because I just got home from work the other day.

Farewell party for Sakurai who graduated from SALON at the end of April,I'm going to do it with XNUMX staff.


Sakurai's requestdelicious samgyeopsal.Kawakami chose a restaurant near the office and made a reservation.

This is also a very thick samgyeopsal, stone-baked bibimbap,Both kimchi chijimi and cheese dak galbi are delicious and the best.


"Come on! Let's eat Morimori!"


I was enthusiastic about it, but unexpectedly soon,I reached the peak of fullness (I was the fastest among the fouris)….


"That's strange, isn't it? It's painful."


In the end, in the second half, I mostly only participated in the conversation with drinks (laughs).


Even so, well, Kawakami eats and eats (Is it still young?)!

Moreover, even the huge sweets were eaten up at the end,I was looking at it while thinking somehow bravely.


Like it's a lie that I used to eat ravenously,Recently, I can't eat a large portion of the set meal,I've started to prefer fish to meat (Ojisan relishes).


No, no!


Perhaps the 40s is a "shift change" in various aspects.I feel it's time to start.


"When you're young, you want to use force to add and decorate, but after you're 40, it's cool to relax and use subtraction to scrape off the armor."


Anyway, speaking of 40s, THE SALON's catchphrase is "Youth from 40".

In addition to eating and exercising,The best way to stay young in mind and body is to:"Tokimeki to the opposite sex"maybe.


After spending the tumultuous 20s and 30s, and beyond the age of 40,Mature SALON male members.

I myself have a lot to learn,Every day I realize that I am spending precious time."


SALON women can also feel the charm of these deep adult men with their skin.I will do my best to match you so that you can get it!



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