salon diary

Beautiful things to see

Always I am indebted.
This is THESALON Haneda.
It's getting warmer and warmer in May☀️✨
How are you all doing? ?
Haneda's mother is happy to hear that Kawakami ran 👟
Would you like to go cycling without getting tired next time? 🚴‍♀️?


And in May, I got new friends from Universe✨
A very reliable brother!
(He will appear on this blog soon. Who is he?)

Again, the preamble has become long, but let me get into today's main topic!

This time[Beautiful things that can be tasted with sight]I thought about 😍

A beautiful woman gets bored in three days.
Where did you come from?
I never get tired of it. 🙅‍♀️
Beautiful things are beautiful.
You can watch it all the time😍
This is completely proprietary.

I went to Johnny's concert the other day!
Ayano Haneda, janiota history 25 years
I can't talk about my life without Johnny's.
Hobbies, "idol" often in female interviews
I want to talk to you as much as I have been waiting for you.
That hobby will brighten up your daily life🍻
(Being an otaku is a secret between women.)

I can talk non-stop.We can talk forever.
I like what I like, even if it sounds disgusting.

What's better, because it's beautiful.
What's good is that it's hard work.
I can respect people who give me a smile if their talent and invisible efforts are ten times more than others.

People who keep growing, people who always look forward, people who are quiet, people who never cut corners.
I want to support such a person strangely.
I think I'll do my best too.
I think that kind of person is wonderful even in everyday life.

Words often heard from male members 🌸

"She was a really nice girl and had a lot of fun, but I didn't like her looks. I'm sorry."

“It was really nice to have flowers.”

The appearance reflected in the eyes is something that shakes people's hearts.

Isn't it the same psychology that you want to go out if you like it and taste it in your sight?
(Isn't it different...?)

Idealism and reality are two different things, but at SALON, we aim to introduce men's idealism as close to the real thing as possible.

Everyone has their own way of measuring whether someone is good-looking or has a good personality.
Men's tastes are also ten colors.
In the end, I think the one who is loved wins.

There are many other beautiful things that can be tasted with sight 🌈 plants 💐 food 🍴 😊
There is no cut 💦

If you nourish your eyes, your heart will naturally be satisfied.
I hope this week will be a good week (*^▽^*)


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