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The "ideal type" is a philosophy.

thank you always.

This is hayama from the salon.


While interacting with male members every day,I have something to think about.


“The ideal type really varies from person to person.”


At SALON, when a male member joins, we ask him/her about the "ideal image of a woman" in detail.

The first thing we ask is about your favorite look.


For example,If you roughly divide the type of beauty into two, "beautiful" and "Become a kawaii typeI think.

From there, the system branches even more finely,If you start listing your favorite female celebrities,The ideal type is infinitely different.

Aside from the looks,What's interesting is your personality.

In general, the following types of women are popular.


A bright woman

A gentle woman

A charming woman

Healing woman

An intelligent woman

A classy woman

A calm woman


In the meantime,There are also men who make orders like this.


- A charming woman, absolutely NG!

●A warm and soothing woman, absolutely NG!


According to the man,"When we first met,Rather cool or shy,It's just right to be expressionless and blunt."That thing.




From there"While gradually opening up,She began to show me a shy smile,The process of being able to exchange jokes is exciting.”Is it?


Actually, I feel like I understand this feeling very well.


What do you say,At first glance, a beautiful woman,In the "special feeling" that will open your heart only to yourself,I feel deep love.

Ignite a man's instinct as a hunter (heat)! ! !


And so, I'm starting to get delusional, and I'd like to close today before the brakes stop working (laughs).

We are also looking forward to talking about setting, etc!



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