salon diary

Women's nail art, ant or none

Always I am indebted.
This is kawakami from the salon.

The office recently underwent a makeover.
At the same time, the PC keyboard also changed (from membrane type to pantograph type),
Home position is cursed by messy and long nails,
The typing speed is like a typing beginner.
Should I cry for the keyboard back, or should I shorten my nails?

Speaking of nails, there's one thing I'm wondering about.
What do men think of women's nail art?
Until a while ago, I used to think that men don't like nails with nail art.
Recently, I've been thinking that most of them are actually "not interested".

I have a complex about the shape of my nails,
She is the type to see other people's nails.

But even if I say "I'm not interested", if I cross a certain line, will I be disgusted?Thought.
For example, around last fall, my nails were red and had some stones on them.
I was in a good mood, but
"I guess it doesn't appeal to men.", "If the interviewer has these nails, maybe I'll add a word?"
It's true that I thought.

Even if you say "I don't like nails that are too flashy",
・I don't like it if the color is flashy even if it's one color
・The base is natural, but if there is even a little bit of gold or stone art, it is not acceptable.
・A flashy color is fine, but not if there are some stones on the plus side.
・The above is fine.No three-dimensional art
And I'm sure it varies from person to person.
Are there any lines that you hate?And where is it! ?

By the way, in my interview, nail information is also left for the time being 😉

Ah~~~~~ I'm itching for flashy nail art!

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