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SALON Men's common points and women's seasons

Always I am indebted.
It's raining all the time these days and I can't run.

The other day, Hayama's blog was about men starting at 40, so I thought about the charm of 40 years old, which refers to youth from 40 years old.
Certainly, I thought that men have a lot of charm from the age of 40.
(Don't say it's weightless even if you say it~)
Wrinkle notches?Aging odor?Chubby?oil gish?
no! There is no such man in SALON! ! ! !
<(_ _)>
(I must sincerely apologize!)

In one word, what is the difference compared to people in their 20s?
"room"There is!

Of course, it may be the case financially, but I think it's more relaxed and comfortable to talk with.
も う 一 つ

Would you say that this is the charm of adults?
SALON men are a group of gentlemen who are comfortable and have a sense of security.



I also thought about the season for women🍇🍑🍓
10 feeIt's no match for the smoothness of your skin.
(That's nice~ That's nice~(*^-^*))
Early twenties, beginning to climb the adult stairs
(Most fun time ('ω') no)
Late 20s, to feel and know how the world works in reality.
(A little impatience (*'▽'))
30 feewill be completed.
(Finished (; ・`д・´))

When it comes to Papa-katsu, men
(XNUMX) Those who want to raise a naive woman who does not know right or left
(XNUMX) Those who want to have a relationship after knowing knowledge and education to some extent

I tend to prefer one or the other.
(Sorry if it's all wrong.)

If you are young, but you have knowledge and education, and you are solid, that is wonderful.
It seems that if you don't know anything about common sense at a certain age, you'll be like, "Are you stupid? This guy?"

What I think now is that the age will be engraved on its own.
The reality is that you can't do age surgery even if you want to.

An old company president said,
“Women change with the men they date.”
I didn't know what that word meant before, but now I do.
You can continue to shine when you spend time with a man who can afford and feel secure.

For example, if your boyfriend is a poor man who can only eat cup ramen every day
In the beginning, love may still win, but after 10 years, will I still be able to keep my feelings as they are?

You may not like it very much at first.But if there's someone next to me who has both money and heart
I think it's women who are fulfilled.

Women need aegyo, a smile, and occasional pampering (*^-^*)
(I keep telling myself this lol)
A woman's season is ultimately up to her partner...
(⋈◍ > ◡ < ◍). ✧ ♡


Thank you for reading to the end today.
from a woman today
"I read your blog in one sitting because it was interesting. I'm looking forward to your updates."
I was contacted and updated early in the morning.
Thank you for your continued support.


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