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I really want to spread the saying, “Man starts at 40!”


thank you always.

This is hayama from the salon.

The other day, I finally lifted my heavy waist,I started running XNUMXkm!

(Haneda-san, you kept your promise!)


As expected, on the first day, I felt tired and exhausted, but gradually I am enjoying the exhilarating feeling of sweating through exercise.

I continue at a pace of XNUMX days a week,On the night I ran, I slept like I was dead (laughs).


I used to love walking.

Taking advantage of that habit, so that you can continue while having fun,I thought of XNUMX patterns of courses with different scenery.


①Course that passes through Yokohama Arena and runs in front of Shin-Yokohama Station with its bright cityscape

②While looking at Nissan Stadium,A course that runs on a wide national highway along the Tsurumi River

③Course running through the factory area along the industrial road towards IKEA Kohoku


I rotate these by day of the week to change my mood.

Also, the music you listen to while running,Make a playlist with a different genre each time, etc.Anyway, change hands, change goods,Somehow I keep myself motivated (laughs).


Although there are large facilities around my house, there are few people in the suburbs, soIt is an environment where you can run comfortably even at night.

Anyway, it's important to continue, so I'm going to make it a habit without overdoing it!

By the way, it appeared in yesterday's blog,New Hara is a SALONJoined as a Tuff!

As a person of the same sex and generation, "A man starts at 40!"We would like to embody together.

(First of all, I will do my best in running and muscle training!)


Some of our male and female members also go to the gym for training,There are many people who are devoted to their lessons, not just sports.You.

After all, everyone, both on the outside and inside,I have no choice but to improve myself on a daily basis, and I alsoI am constantly learning about such attitudes.


Also, when you visit us for setting etc.,I would be happy if you could tell me various stories.

of course,We welcome all kinds of opinions, requests, stupid stories, and secret stories that no one should ever hear.


We are looking forward to seeing you!



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