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[Real intentions of a man who lives as a dad] ~The moment you think you will never see this woman again~

Always I am indebted.
It's June from today☀✨
It's already June, it's too early! (゚Д゚)

Come to think of it, I recently bought a cute scrunchie to tie up my hair, so I spent the whole day thinking, "Okay, I'm going out wearing this today!"
Before taking a bath, take off the rubber that you had been wearing all day and you will see a big price it is a pillow
(I did it again..)
The embarrassment of walking around all day with a price tag suddenly came out.
(I've experienced the price tag incident many times. It's a piece of crap lol)
I'm alive and well lol

Hayama and Kawakami are both happy to write articles about running!
I will do my best (*^-^*)
It's humid with rain and humidity, but you'll feel refreshed✨

Now for today's topic.

Recently, I have more to hear stories from male members.

[Real intentions of a man living as a dad]
~The moment you think you will never see this woman again~

I heard he was single, but he was married.
(Lying is the source of trouble. You can't register at SALON. But if you were to register by being lied to by SALON...
I'm sorry. )

・I heard that I don't smoke, but my mouth smelled of cigarettes (tears)
(I would like you to practice proper etiquette so that you will never find out.)

・ Don't pull on a plentiful tattoo
(I have never heard of a man who likes tattoos.)

・I'm late every time.

- Wear perfume.
 →Even if I tell you that I don't want you to wear perfume (laughs)
(Forgetful? On purpose?)

・ A woman who suddenly uses Tame language
(We're not friends, after all. There's a high chance that you'll get attracted to them when you meet them for the first time.)

・No thank you message
(I wonder what happened. It's a story as a person.)

・Suddenly, I get a call on my cell phone.
 →There was a dangerous time when the phone rang while my wife was next to me.
 → I want you to call me after confirming the time slot when I can call you by e-mail etc.
  Even if you tell women (laughs)
(Why are you so selfish?)

・ Too much sense of money
(It is a good idea to check women thoroughly.)

And some of the feedback I've heard in the past and recently.
What did you think? 😣

Of course, there is no correct answer because it is compatibility and feeling, and there may be people who accept everything.
"I don't want to see you again💦"I don't want you to think that.

"I want to meet you again"Let's do our best to aim for a woman who makes us think (*^-^*)


Next time, a nice message from a man (⋈◍>◡<◍). ✧♡ I would like to write a story.
Thank you very much.


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