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Disappointed during the conversation...NG behavior of women

thank you always.

This is hayama from the salon.


It's getting hotter day by day.

It's like, "Summer is almost here!"


at home,In preparation for the coming heat wave,I bought an air conditioner.

It will arrive this weekend, but with this,It seems that you can spend comfortably even in a room without air conditioning!



Now, on a different topic, let's talk about today's topic.


At the time of setting at SALON, a feeling tie for 20 minutesWe have set up a


“What kind of conversations do male and female members have?”


Of course,We staff cannot listen to the conversation in the small room,Based on feedback from our members,I need to give you some general information.


In order for men and women to confirm each other's feelings,The content and atmosphere of the conversation are extremely important factors.

This time, during the feeling time, a male member felt "I would like to list some NG conversation patterns for women.


(XNUMX) I was (listened to) talking about work.

→Even though I've come to seek healing from women,On the contrary, I get tired more than work.


(XNUMX) I (the man) did not ask any questions and only talked about myself (the woman).It was.

→ "Are you not interested in me at all?"


(XNUMX) He boasted about his past dad talk.

→That's out of the question.The roach wilts at once.


(XNUMX) He boasted about his amazing connections around him.

→「So, how great a person are you?」I want to tsukkomi.


⑤ The woman only answered this question, and the conversation did not continue.

→ Are you good at the question-and-answer format?


⑥ Beyond the degree of coolness, the reaction was weak.

→ This is also out of the question.What are you here for? "I wonder if it's tuna at that time."What an unnecessary prediction.


⑦The motive for registering is not money.It was recommended to me by a friend, and I thought it would be a good social study❤️”

→ Liar!


I think there are many other things,The above is what we actually received as an opinion.

Especially as a man of the same kind, there is a part that I can really sympathize with.


Regardless of the setting, in the scene of conversation with a woman,What men are purely looking for is fun, comfort, stimulation,It's exciting, etc.

Even so, if I tire the man with the strange content of the conversation,It's putting the cart before the horse.


How to spend holidays, gourmet food, travel, stories about common hobbies, etc.Talk about trivial things, relax and laugh,It's more valuable to share a good time, and the feelings of men and women are all OK.

The common thing to say is"Be sure to take an interest in the other person (male).Are you developing a conversation? ”I think it's all about it.


In addition, without clean things, SALON "It is a meeting place for support.


In the setting, while being in a position to be selected by men,"Landmines" that fall into self-will and self-centerednessAre you stepping on without noticing?


To put it the other way around, keep the man comfortable for 20 minutes fullIf you have the art of talking, you may become an invincible salon woman.Hmm!


Even if it's all acting.



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