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photo story at interview

Always I am indebted.
This is kawakami from the salon.

The humid days continue, isn't it?
Last year's rainy season gave me the impression that it was raining, raining, raining every day,
This year, when the rainy season started early, I would hate it if I felt like that every day.
We don't have many rainy days these days, and that alone is a relief.

By the way, on rainy days
"I wonder how many interviews will be canceled today..."
I think.
It's troublesome to go out on a rainy day.
I understand~~~~~~~

I understand, but if you plan to apply for an interview at a later date, I would not recommend canceling without notice.
If you contact us with your "(convincing) reason why you can't go" and "candidates for another schedule", canceling once will not affect your interview.

Well, today I also wrote in the title,photo of the interviewI would like to write about

At SALON, we do not show photos to men during the setting adjustment stage.
However, we have taken some photos for review and for staff to share at the time of hiring.

This photo is very important.
Because, except for the staff who interviewed you, you can only judge a woman's looks from that photo!

Since it is not a method of posting photos taken and receiving offers,
I have no intention of taking "plenty" photos like processed photos,
It would be a waste if you were taken a picture that looks inferior to the actual appearance!
It's a really trivial topic, but what is "unprocessed filter only"?Aren't filters processed?What do you think?

Of course, it is best to do our best so that the staff can project what they see.
Naturally, that is the job of the interview staff.
If there are staff who won't let you wear heels, please let them wear them..

But there are things women can do too.
Please prepare your clothes, make-up, and hairstyle as if you are going on a date with a man.
In addition, it is safer to avoid clothes that make you look bulky (such as a dress with no waist or bulging sleeves).
Especially those who have good style.
Also, I have the impression that frilly clothes are not very popular.

after that"practice laughing naturally]!
I really understand the feeling of being nervous when the camera is pointed at you,
It's a waste to be photographed with a stiff face...
Facial expressions that make you look cute/beautifulSo I would like you to take a picture.
It might be good if I could pull this out during shooting,
To be honest, I don't have time for that...
Please study facial expressions!

By the way, when it is adopted, the photo will be used on the page of the list of female members for staff viewing.
In other words, your looks will continue to be judged based on the photos you took during the interview.
Your interview photo may be more important than you think.
Please feel free to come in.

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Concierge Sana Kawakami


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