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The secret to surviving in dad life

Always I am indebted.
This is Haneda from THE SALON.

There are only a few days left in August.
I think the heat has suddenly subsided.
Do you have any homework to remember this summer?
I had a very happy summer
The Olympics will be held next summer and Tokyo will be very exciting.


There is a consultation that I often receive from dad live women.

  • "Even if I meet various people, it doesn't last at all."
  • "It's over after we meet once or twice."
  • "I want a long-term daddy, but it doesn't work."

What do you think this is?
I have a problem before looks and personality.


it is you
body systemBecause too much.


The first step is the first step from the man, is it mostly the lead?
The next step is the woman's turn.
I think it would be fine if the second and third steps were taken by a woman.

(Huh? I don't want to be seen as persistent...)


Most women never take the first step.
I am just waiting to be contacted.


I won't come
Because men have many other women to choose from.


Since they were chosen once, in a sense it is up to women to cook from there.


absolute condition issend a message to mom.

*Don't be persistent. *


A trivial conversation, thoughts, and a woman who can contact you will always remain in a man's heart.
It's a simple matter.


If you want a long term relationship
remain in someone else's mind.


Try simple things.

What a cheeky thing to say, but I'mThe secret to surviving as a dadTo

I think it will connect! !


THE SALON Haneda Ayano


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