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"Summer with lots of love" starting from SALON

thank you always.

This is hayama from the salon.


It's almost July, isn't it?

It's early, and half of 2021 is about to pass.


そ し て,Hot summer is finally here!

And I want to get excited, but...


Nowadays, coexistence with corona has become commonplace, and we JapaneseA heart that feels the four seasonsI feel like it's completely faded.


It's not unreasonable, but that's why it's time like that!


"Only for important SALON members,Enjoy the coming summer! "We think.



As you know,Male members areIt is possible to set up up to XNUMX times a month(depending on membership class)).


However, some men say, "I'm busy with work right now, so I go to the salon once or twice a month.Kuno is all I can do...”


In such a case, please contact us.


For example,3 hour, no, XNUMXIf you can come to the salon even for 0 minutes (reservation required),We will realize the feeling time with women!


If it is established, the SALON will continue to be used for a short period of time.It is also possible to use a small room.


After exchanging contact information while having tea with the lady,On that day, go back to work in a dashing manner and enjoy a leisurely meal date later.....

It's nice to have such a form of encounter.


If I can expand the possibility of meeting you, even just a little,Our staff are happy toWe will do our best to support you!


Other,At SALON, starting with "remote setting","Business trip setting" "Double or triple setting (membershipAccording to Russ)”, without wasting your precious time,We offer a space to meet beautiful women.  


Don't lose to Corona, "summer with lots of love" from this JulyDo you want to start?



- Ginza / Complete membership Papa Salon -
Concierge Shinji Hayama


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