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  • I want Waku x2 and Doki x2, and I want cheat skills these days

I want Waku x2 and Doki x2, and I want cheat skills these days

Thank you all for your continued patronage of THE SALON! ! This is Hara from THE SALON.I love summer!Recently, I like barbers so much that I go to get my hair cut twice a month (laughs).

I also transferred to SALON and finally got a man in charge! !I'm so happy~♪ I'm sure there are still some things I'm not good at, but thank you for your support (´艸`*) Well, what I'm aiming for is a fun setting♪ From a man after setting"He was the type"That's what you can say!But is that really enough?

When I was in high school... When I was in college... Became a member of society...… at that time …

I'm sure there was a time when I was interested in a different type of woman than now.I have weird memories of my type!So, I think it would be fun if you could discover a type that you haven't noticed before!Depending on the membership class, the number of times you can set up in a month is different,
If you don't like it, feel free to decline, so please use the salon to the fullest. !

No, I don't need a challenge.Feel free to let me know if you feel that way!I will think about being able to snuggle up to you even a little!We hope you will be satisfied with the wonderful salon life (*^^*)
It was a poor sentence, but Thank you for reading to the end.We look forward to welcoming you back to THE SALON in the future. THE SALON Hajime Hara


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