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I will tell you the biggest advantage of the salon.

Always I am indebted.
This is THE SALON Haneda.
We are now into July!
If you realize it's the second half of the year!
(I say it 100 times, but it's too early lol)
A week, a month goes by so fast...
It looks like it's going to be new year's day soon 😊 lol
Before that, I have to enjoy summer🏝



Well, today's topic ✨
LIVING ROOMFor men who are hesitant about joining


If you just look at the homepage of SALON, you may not be able to imagine what kind of system it is.
The concept of SALON is to remind you of the excitement of youth from the age of 40.

If you make an offer at another dating club, it will takeThere is no setting fee at SALON.
that tooYou can meet 5 beauties a month.
inside thatbibibiA matching fee will be charged only when you feel like you want to go out.
bibibiIf you don't come, you won't be charged.

other dating clubsbefore meetingA setting fee will be charged at the time of selection.
・It's completely different from the photo when I met you
(photo magic)
・Personality doesn't seem to match at all
(talk doesn't match)

at the salonWe can meet and talk for 20 minutes before decidingI think that is the biggest advantage.

(For women, good looks are the minimum criteria for hiring.)

Encounters that could not be found elsewhere and those with narrow strike zones
I don't think there is any other place where you can meet and decide.

To find the best partner, I think you can enjoy it with the highest rank.


For women who are thinking about a salon interview ✨

It's all about men you don't usually get to meet.
Unlike other dating clubs, our concierge meets all men.
I already know what kind of man you are.
A club that you can use with peace of mindI can proudly say that.


If you have any other questions or concerns,
We are waiting for your message here.


Thank you for your continued support of THE SALON.


- Ginza / Complete membership Papa Salon -
Concierge Ayano Haneda


Membership application/consultation

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