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Flying invitations are prohibited!

thank you always.

This is hayama from the salon.


change of season.

The area around Ginza is also raining every day.


Well, speaking of rain.


In realityFor me with "headache"Especially the rainy season is a natural enemyWhat is it...


Generally, my head feels heavy and painful at a pace of one day every two days.

At this time,Just put Loxonin in your bag,wait for the rainy season to passThere is only one (laughs).


Maybe there are members who have the same painful thoughts?

At least Hayama can understand how you feel.setting etc.When we meet, come on! Let's get excited with "Headache Talk" (laughs)!

And speaking of headaches!is.


Recently,Feedback that squeezes my head even more,I got it from a few female members...


According to the woman,"(During Feeling Time) After this, togetherHow do you think after you go out to eat?)? I was at a loss for an answer when askedThat thing.


Because we received feedback from different women in quick succession on different projects (men also did the same)Each person is different), I am also writing a blog while enduring a headache.



Let me warn you straight away.


If this man's statement is true, it's "completely black"!


Of course, I'm not going to accept 100% of what the woman says.

However, at least now that I've witnessed a bewildered woman, I thought I should protect what I should protect! !

(Itatatatatata... When I got excited, I really got a headache~)


Just to be sure, let me calm down and review.


● 20 major prohibitions during feeling time (XNUMX minutes)

① Exchange of contact information

②Confirm whether you can go to the hotel after this

③ Financial negotiations


For all three items above, as a rule for male and female members at the time of enrollment,This is the content that I'm telling you carefully.

In the case of ②,If "Hotel"Even if you didn't say the specific word, the woman said, "If you feel that you were implied to commit to sexual intercourse, you will be in conflict with the prohibition.


So, female members!


If a man cuts out prohibited items,"To the SALON staffI can't talk about that (I can't answer) because I'll get angry."Say that and run away (laughs).

This is a salon rule, so there is no problem even if you refuse to answer!


I've become quite feminine, but on the other hand,I don't think there is anything wrong with men..


As someone of the same sex, I know how you feel.

Call it the mood of the moment, or call it mischief, when you're in front of a beautiful woman, you can't help but miss it (painful excuse...?)!


As far as I know, all of the men at SALON are gentlemen.

That is whyI really want to make SALON "the place where the most beautiful women in Japan gather" and provide "a truly win-win space" for both men and women!We think.


I'm still lacking, but if you have any opinions or requests, please feel free to tell me anything.

The time spent chatting and talking with everyone is my source of energy.


We are looking forward to seeing you again at the salon!



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