salon diary

Women dazzled by allowances

Always I am indebted.
This is kawakami from the salon.

It's hard to get paid.
The word that comes out when it comes to talking about allowance is the market price.
It's a story about the market price.

I want women to be humble and humble,
I want men to put their hearts into it without being bound by the so-called market price.

Kawakami thinks like that.

by the way,
I know a man who will give a woman twice or three times as much as she thinks in her heart.
What happens then?

A woman becomes a begging machine.(At this point)

"Actually, I'm having such a hard time..."
"It's almost my birthday. Can you buy me a bag?"(Even though we only met once)
"Could you hire me at your company?"

What happens when a woman turns into a begging machine?
there is no next.

It's Sorya likely.
Even if you are with such a woman, you will be tired rather than having fun.

If you're a nice woman without trying to appeal
You're trying to cut yourself off from someone who'll give you more than you originally dreamed of.
I think I'm doing something really wasteful.

Are you fooling men?
Men aren't stupid and don't have free time to give Kure Cure another chance...
Or will you lose your ability to make sound judgments in front of the money that suddenly comes into your hands?
If you say that's the nature of that woman, it's a story until then,
I want you to think again about what kind of compensation you are able to give.

young and cute?
If that's all, there are many others within SALON Women alone.

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