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I thought a little seriously about "Tameguchi".

thank you always.

Even now, in the summer, I suddenly think of TUBE's "Season in the Sun"When I hear this, Hayama's heart throbs as a conditional reflex.


For the hot season,The number of male members of SALON is also on the right shoulderIt is increasing day by day.

As long as I'm really happy!

During the admission interview,For men, about the "ideal female image",We will listen to you in detail.

Let alone age and the looks of the woman,From personality to dating stance, requests from men, "I'm going to put it together in a sheet called "matching item".


この"Hearing time"Actually, both for men and for me,The most exciting time of the interviewWhat is it (laughs).

After all, for a man,Talking about the ideal woman as you please,It's a lot of fun.


“For example, if you were to say celebrities, who would be your type?”

While askingRather, there are times when my eyes are sparkling, maybe(Smile).


the other day tooI had the opportunity to have an interview with a new member.

I got it from this manSome of the most notable requests were:


●Even a woman with a tight mouth is completely OK

● The lady-type woman is NG


That's what it was.

According to men,"With a bright and friendly woman,I want to have a good time with a sense of closeness to each other.”That thing.

Actually, I cheekily said, "I feel the same way!"I really sympathized with the man.


I have ever"The way of Tameguchi" in matchingabout,I haven't given it much thought.

By all means, with a tacit understanding "As a matter of manners, it's forbidden to talk badly from the first meeting."I had an image of...


In the future, I would like to overcome that prejudice!


Like this man (like Hayama),OK, rather it's fun to close the distance."There are also open people like"I really feel that matching is XNUMX different colors for XNUMX people.”


That said, ``I have resistance from the beginning'', ``If possible, it's better to be like a young lady."I think there are also men like this (many of this groupkana? ).

In any case,About this "tame quarrel" once,I would like to hear the opinions of all the men in chargeWhen,I was intrigued.


In addition, I would be happy if I could talk about various things between settings!



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