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There are things only mature women can give

Always I am indebted.

This is kawakami from the salon.


It seems that the rainy season will end soon♪

It's finally summer!

Be careful not to get heatstroke, and have a hot summer with your lovely partner(>∀<)!

Make the hot summer even hotter!(too clichéd)

However, I also want coolness...

So, today I would like to introduce a mature adult woman!


A face that is perfect for the word beautiful witch.

With a seemingly cool face(coolness factor)You may look proud, but that's not the case.

Rather, the smile from such an impression makes my heart beat.

And the small face with beautiful parts lined up!

Your work is independent at 〇〇〇.

Eh ~~~~~! ? ! ?The size of the head is small and smart! ?

I envy you too much!

I cried in the back (laughs)


Perhaps because I earn my own money, I have the leeway to become an independent adult.

It is also attractive that he is humble and does not make money.

I wanted to meet a nice man, so I came to register.


Young girls are fine, but there is a kind of sexiness that only mature women can show, right?

Kawakami will be introduced to the man in charge♪

Hope to see you soon~~~~!



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