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If you want to make it work, attack it visually

thank you always.

This is hayama from the salon.


As some of you may have already noticed,SALON's homeOn the room page, "Monthly Operation Results"is posted.


Monthly number of settings, number of contracts,The closing rate is made public, and with this, we at SALONI think the staff will naturally be tense (laughs).

Naturally, it is important to update all these items.It is directly linked to the satisfaction level of male and female members.


As it is often said that "earn with your feet" or "just hit a few hits",Regarding the number of settings" and "number of contracts concluded", due to unrefined and sometimes brazen sales (laughs),I believe it can be extended to some extent.

To be frank, depending on the staff's number of hands, feet, and words,I can control it somewhat.

Now,The problem is the "contract rate".


In order to keep this number high,The staff's hard work" alone is not enough,I am painfully aware of it again.

"Female members' mindset" at the time of setting,It becomes an important factor that influences the closing rate.

(Of course, the staff working behind the scenes do their best!)


For example, keep a smile on your face from beginning to end,not self-centeredI try to keep the talk focused on the other party.

Even with just 20 minutes of feeling time,To impress male members,There are many things that could be improved.


In addition, The "visual strategy" by the clothes of the day,At first glance, it tends to be neglected, but it is surprisingly effective.

It may be solid, but"Sleeveless & miniskirt"The combination technique is preeminent in destructive power!


I can't say it out loud, but man,Even though it looks complicated, it's actually simple (laughs).

Everyone is weak against lightly dressed women.


The other day, to a man who made a contract,When asked about their impressions after setting up,"Today is completely a (female) noーI got hit by a sleeve knit~I was told.

Of course, she was originally a beautiful woman,Summer-like sleeveless knit and miniskirt to show off your side ・By showing my legs, I was able to grab the man's heart and go home.


Since this is just one case,I can't say for certain that it works for all men.As a general opinion of Ojisama,I dared to write from the perspective of a male staff member.


Somehow, men are simple!

If you want to establish it, attack from the sight first!

(If I write too many times, I think the male members will get really angry...)


Anyway, from now on, I will use various means (I will not cheat),We will do our best for one matching.

We look forward to hearing from you!



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