salon diary

It's hard being a girl...

Always I am indebted.
This is Haneda from THE SALON

July is also the second half of the game.
I haven't been to the pool yet this year.My skin isn't even that hot.
I can't see the sun... (Is lonely)

On weekends, go to LaQua to wash away your daily fatigue and drink beer and champagne before you know it.
I was drunk
I wonder if it was meaningful to go to


Recently, we have been receiving a lot of interviews from many people every day.
We ask women to fill out a profile form.

activity motive
your personality

I have you write up to the place in the case of plastic surgery and ○.
We do not tell men whether women have had plastic surgery.
When I talk to the person who gave me the ○, the current technology is really amazing.
And it's very natural.
Whether it's the eyes or the nose, the knowledge of a decade ago will be overturned.
You will have a lot of fun talking about these things during the interview.
Haneda did the most painful thing in his life in Korea
I lift up with a machine called Doublo
With light and pain that pierces the bones,
I think I'm probably in the clankers level for pain.


I think women are creatures who make an effort to look beautiful.
If you are cute, you should feel that you are more beautiful in life.
Even for men, it is decided that the girl next to them should be cute.
That's why women's efforts are so important.
A woman who feels that way is wonderful.
You can go on a date from now on even in an interview
Looking at your appearance, I feel that you are a highly conscious person.


Well, I think I'll go to Haneda to remove blemishes on my face (laughs).
Also, please tell me about various beauty methods (*^-^*)

THE SALON Haneda Ayano


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