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  • summer!It's the season to open up your mind and body!

summer!It's the season to open up your mind and body!

Thank you for always patronizing THE SALON (*^^*)

It's Hara!


The long-awaited Tokyo Olympics\(^o^)/
Gold and silver medal rush at the beginning ♪

Of course, there are players who end up with frustrating results,
120% to be demonstrated in the scene here!No, is it 200%?
Amazing! !I always think! !
I'm doing well (*^^*)

I had won a baseball ticket,
It didn't come true to go see it. .
If I could, I wanted to cheer on you at the venue (´;ω;`)



There are only a few left in July,
Ladies and gentlemen, are you enjoying the summer?

SALON receives applications from wonderful women every day! !



It was also on Hayama's blog,
Show off your skin in thin clothes♪
Slightly tanned wheat skin

I found him in town...that kid...
I want to talk to you, but I'm worried about the public, and I can't pick you up anymore. .

fine! !!
Please come and see us at the salon (^^♪

We will pick up and introduce women carefully selected by our concierge! !

I know you are busy,
We would appreciate it if you could tell the concierge in charge of the schedule when you can come to the salon m (__) m



We appreciate your continued support for THE SALON.


- Ginza / Complete membership Papa Salon -
Hajime Hara


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