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☆ thanks ☆

Thank you all for your continued patronage of THE SALON.


Recently, in the piercing sunlight,
It's become my hobby to look for lunch shops and walk around the area (laughs).
If you have any delicious restaurants around Shimbashi or Yurakucho, please let me know (*^^*)



This time the theme is 【Gratitude】
It's been 3 months since I moved to SALON.
To the men who are in charge, in July, we set up 7 cases!


Everyone was very kind and made all the settings possible!
thank you very much.
I am very happy that both men and women have had good encounters.


There are still many immature points,
I will continue to think about how to make better settings every day, so I hope you will continue to watch over me with warm eyes.



Come on!
Summer is yet to come! !
As I wrote in the last BLOG, one after another, wonderful women are registered!


I know you are busy,
I would be happy if you could visit SALON m(__)m


We appreciate your continued support for THE SALON.


- Ginza / Complete membership Papa Salon -
Hajime Hara


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