salon diary

It is your forced withdrawal!

Always I am indebted.
It's THE SALON Haneda (^^)
The closing ceremony of the Olympics is over, and the number of medals won is 27✨ It's amazing🏅
I feel that the coronavirus is increasing without any sign of convergence, but the world is becoming more stressful 😥
Ladies and gentlemen, please take good care of yourself.



Recently, the SALON staff is angry!

Because I'm afraid I'll be bald because I'm annoyed by women's cancellations on the day!

It is OK to reply to the confirmation the day before the setting, but how do you feel about canceling one hour before?

・I feel sick when I wake up in the morning.
Can't you help it because it's such a time? 😥

・"I don't think I'm done with my work."
From thereNo communication.

・It doesn't show up on time.
I can't even connect to the phone.

the above,forced withdrawalI am allowed to.

Say it louder!
It's a big nuisance.

・"I'm in trouble because the man just exchanged contact information and I can't get in touch with him. Did anything happen?"
Read through
Why can't you tell me why?

me tooforced withdrawalI am allowed to.

Salon does not employ women.We provide a place to connect male and female members, and we are made up of men and women.
Every day, I interview a lot of women, and I hire and register because I have a nice point.
She is a chosen woman who has passed through a strict selection process.

It may be a story up to that point, but I often wonder what it is like as a person.

Among them
Whether or not you can become a recommended woman, if the concierge doesn't recommend it, you won't be called out at all.
It is a world where women who do ordinary things shine for some reason.

・Fast response
・Sentences when spoken to are polite and beautiful
・ Humility
・Do not be late

A woman who does the common sense of a member of society flawlessly shines 👑

A woman who is called to a salon and has a bad attitude will never be called again.
It's so tough.

please,Please stop canceling on the day! ! !
Please ʅ (◞‿◟)ʃ

one more,
SALON members have three promises to talk about before joining.

20 minutes of feeling time
・Contact information cannot be exchanged.
・You cannot negotiate whether you can go to the hotel today or not.
・Benefits cannot be negotiated.
(Please don't make similar talks that encourage financial sense.)

We also report this, and those who overlap with the yellow card will be forced to withdraw.

Today, I wrote about the tough things, but we will also tighten ourselves, tighten our hearts, tighten our buttocks, and set up the setting, so please take care of us 😊



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