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I want to meet "a woman who is not threaded"!

thank you always.

This is hayama from the salon.


The Tokyo Olympics wrapped in heat and excitement have come to an end, and the summer of 2021 is finally the turning point.


During this summer vacation, IAfter about four years,I went to Hayama by car.


I, Hayama, love Hayama (sorry for the confusion),In the past, I often went to see the sea while driving.

In an exquisite location that takes an hour and a half from the city center on the highway,The soothing contrast of the sea and mountains.

In particular, from the area where you passed Konandai through a wide side road,The green scenery that begins to spread in your field of vision is a masterpiece,My heart beats involuntarily.

Of course, the seas of Chigasaki and Miura are also wonderful,There is also the fact that there is an imperial villa nearby, and strangely enough, in Hayama,I feel that there is an indescribable elegance in the air.

(Hayama Hayama isSomehow I feel like I'm being praised! )


Unfortunately it was raining, but it was also delicious,At a shop along the coast that I researched on the way home,Came back for some delicious seafood.

If you start talking about Hayama, you won't be able to stop, soI'm going to force myself to quit here...

Now let's get to the point.


From men sometimes"I want you to introduce me to a girl who is not familiar" "A woman who is not dyed is good."We may receive requests such as:

If the request is a chat level,It's exciting as a topic of conversation,If you're in serious mode,I'm having a hard time responding...


Without fear of misunderstanding, when I express my personal opinion,"A woman who is not at all threaded"Because I am not enrolled in SALONI think.


In the first place, what makes it "not threaded"?

Depending on the definition, probably from the perspective of many men,It doesn't refer to a woman to whom the following words fit perfectly.would you like?


Serious, neat, pure, transparent, elegant, with room to grow, Papa Katsu is the first time,It is possible to have a serious relationship without money etc….


SALON is not a "marriage agency", but a "Since it is a dating club, "money support from men" is the starting line.

In terms of just the financial aspect, it seems that you can say, "I'm at a loss at the time of registration" (laughs).


"I want to dye a clean woman in my own color!"I understand the desires peculiar to men such as, but what I want from THE SALON, a high-class dating club, isI also feel that it is nonsense.


there,If we can introduce it with confidence, it is "Suretenai Kaze".This is a woman from


Serious style, Neat style, Pure style, Transparent style, Elegant style,The wind that has room for growth, the wind that daddy life is the first time, the wind that does not have money, the wind that may have a serious relationship....

Regardless of the facts, if everything looks good with "wind",I want you to take it seriouslyI think.


In matching men and women, women are better at one or two (laughs).

"Free love" is the real pleasure of the dating club,If you go too orthodox,Men may be the ones who suffer the pain...


Anyway, there are various types of beautiful women.

If you can enjoy matching at SALON with skillful dating and playI'm happy!



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