salon diary

Please refrain from doing so.

Thank you for always watching.
This is kawakami from the salon.

It's kind of cool this summer.
This morning, I went to work while thinking that it was cool.
It's summer because I don't even go out properly! ! ! !I spend my time without feeling much.
Maybe the time you think it's cold is longer than the time you think it's hot.
(Too much air conditioning)

Well, let's get down to business.
After setting up THE SALON, men and women,
It takes the form of going out only when both parties agree.

Only with mutual agreement .

Somehow I feel that men have the initiative in this kind of activity.
It's like women just wait to see if they like you or not.
But in reality, women have equal rights.

What I mean is,
If you think it doesn't suit you, you can flatly decline and say it's okay.
As a staff (What if a man likes a woman...), but to be honest, it's the staff's job, including that.
It's much better than being nervous after going out or feeling tense!

Unexpectedly, it would be better if there was more tension that the woman might refuse.
Being inspired by men...

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