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Feeling happy♡

Hello everyone.
Thank you for visiting THE SALON's blog.
Today, [Kiritani Moe] will be in charge.

While the lingering summer heat continues, the corona misfortune continues, and it's a tough world.
Matching established at SALON! ! !
When the male and female members happily go out,
I'm so happy that our concierge is also smiling.

We offer you happiness,
When it fails, I feel disappointed and disappointed.

I thought that I should communicate more with male and female members so that it would not happen.

The men at SALON are all wonderful and gentlemen.
You have to choose a woman who is a good match and a woman who pleases you.

Welcome to SALON
Just 20 minutes of feeling time.
It's time for women to win!
No rehearsal.
Please come with the intention of standing on the stage.
If you are invited on a date, there may be happiness ahead.

I passed the interview, so I have confidence 😊
After all, it seems that the success rate of those who are neatly dressed is high.
It looks so good that you want to take it with you.
How about taking care of yourself from head to toe? ❤
I'm sure you'll be able to get your tension up too.

Let's all feel happy ♪

- Ginza / Complete membership Papa Salon -
Concierge Moe Kiriya


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