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A woman whose father wants to support her

Always I am indebted.
This is Ayano Haneda from THE SALON.

The weather wasn't great over the weekend.
I went to see the Takarazuka theater! !
It's also one of Haneda's hobbies (*^-^*)

I just watched "Boys Over Flowers"! !
(The eyes that are too cool are also in a heart state)
Even though I'm a woman, this magic that only men can see
I am moved every time and I feel tight every time.


I've been addicted to Takarazuka for six years now...
Give me a dream and I will cheer you up.
I have a lot of power.

I'm sure they made an extraordinary effort
You have a guts that is incomparable to me
I'm not allowed to let go
120% power all the time
That hard-working figure
I think it will blow your mind.
Probably "appropriate" in their dictionary
There is no.
Somehow it's okay to do it moderately
I don't think there's even a single micron of spirit.
(I don't have enough.)

That's why I like people who work hard.
I want to support hard working people.
I feel something close to the feelings of dads.
women who want to support
A woman who makes me think
It will seep out.
(I am also old,
I started to feel what people are bleeding out.)

Work hard towards your dreams,
Don't give up on your work,
You can be respected regardless of age.
It is important to try hard in everything you do.


There is a saying that a woman is as good as a man.
"When you date a good man, you become a good woman."
I used to think that it didn't matter.
But I really think it is.
That's why being a woman chosen by a good man means
That's great.

I will not let you get bored from there
It's important to be a woman who doesn't get tired of it, but...


The rest depends on the feeling...


Finally, the words that my good friend's sister often says are
“A woman is charming.
I can handle it! ! ! !smile"
(That's right.)

That kind of sister is the aegyo queen! !

Yes, cuteness is always important for women (*^-^*)


As an interviewer, I will do my best to help you.


THE SALON Haneda Ayano


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