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☆ To the women who come to interview ☆

Thank you for your continued support of THE SALON.Hara.

Have you seen Hayama's blog?The story of blood type is interesting, so please come by (*^^*) My blood type... I won't tell you because you might hate me lol Please guess.

By the way, this blog is! !This is the content for women who come to the interview ((+_+)) This ((+_+)) is curious, right? (Laughs) Most of the time it's this (*^^*)!Those of you who are perceptive have already noticed.that's right!Arriving late for an interview There is nothing you should never do.I think that there are cases where it is unavoidable due to work circumstances, transportation delays, etc.!I understand that sometimes I can contact you in advance and sometimes I can't!but! ! ! ! !A word at the time of greeting upon arrival.Is it out of pride, out of character, out of embarrassment? I am ◯◯ who made a reservation at ◯.I welcome you with a smile on my face, but in my head,
picture? You're 30 minutes late, what are you talking about?Can't you say sorry for being late?
This is reality.

It's not like we want you to look good.We have an image of having you register, setting up, and then dating with a man.

I think this is one of the skills required not only for salon interviews but also in various places.I would be happy if you could think about that part when you come to the interview again.

Thank you for reading to the end.Thank you for your continued support.ー Ginza・Complete members-only Papa Salon ー THE SALON Hajime Hara


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