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Thank you for visiting my blog.
Today, [Kiritani Moe] will be in charge.


It's autumn🍁
Autumn of appetite!Autumn of sports!Autumn of Papa Katsu!
There are many things to do, but what kind of autumn will you enjoy?


I want all the members to enjoy the fall of Papa-katsu.
We would like to offer you a wonderful encounter.

The number of male members of SALON has also increased.
We continue to receive inquiries.Thank you.


The number of women recruited has also increased, but the current situation is that it is difficult to receive offers.
Please wait patiently.
[Limited to 36 people! ]And each one is made to order.


We are carefully looking for female members who are suitable for male members.
I would like to introduce a wonderful partner to both men and women, so I would appreciate it if you could wait patiently.
At SALON, we don't just choose you based on your photo, we choose you based on your profile.
Occupation, relationship type, age, height, weight, bust, personality, hobby, favorite type, disliked type, etc.


The photo is of a moment, but if you choose within 20 minutes of feeling time,
It will become important to become a person.
I'm not saying anyone is good.
We may be close to meeting you.
I will do my best as a matchmaker, so please continue to support me.


- Ginza / Complete membership Papa Salon -
Concierge Moe Kiriya



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