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Ha lunch ♪ Vol.1

Everyone, thank you very much for always watching.


Because I run out of material (laughs)
It will be updated about once every few months, but as the title suggests, I would like to write a blog for [ha lunch] (*^^*)
It's not shameless www


I often go to lunch with Hayama,
Finding delicious restaurants is one of my favorite things these days!

You might think that no one wants to see Hara eating lunch, but...
I would like to make the first memorable ramen blog around Shimbashi, which I love.


1st case
Tsukemen with light seafood and plenty of sea bream soup


2st case
Dried sardines ramen from a popular hideaway ramen shop
The faintly fragrant yuzu and mitsuba are good accents.


3st case
This is in the food court, again, dried sardines ramen


4st case
Iekei-ramen The thick noodles that go well with the rich soup are satisfying to eat.
If you drink up the soup, you'll get a discount ticket for the next time.


5st case
This is not ramen, but chicken soba
The garnished chicken is so tender that the more you chew, the more the flavor spreads in your mouth.


Sorry for the bad food report m(__)m


If there is a shop you are interested in, please contact Hara (*^^*)


This time the content has been completely unrelated to the SALON,
Thank you for your continued support of THE SALON! !


Next time I will write about the set meal (laughs)


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