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Daddy live debut

We become indebted to.My name is Kiriya.

The other day, I would like to tell you about a cute lady who gave me an interview.

I was a newbie to dad life.
HappilyLIVING ROOMBlogIt seems that you came after reading everything from the beginning.
What kind of place is the dating club?What is the flow?
I don't know it at all, so it seems like I've been learning.

ladyBlogIt's hard to write every time. "
"Since all the staff wrote in detail,
DaddyIt was very easy to understand for me who don't know anything about.
As I read it, it became interesting,
I read everything from page 1 to the last. "
said with a smile.

I feel happy and I feel embarrassed because I am also writing a blog.
Not only is she amazing
Please remember the full names of all the salon staff.
Deep emotionWas.


And "Thank you for your hard work. Please enjoy it with all the staff."
I got a souvenir.
For your thoughtful words and kindnessMovingWas.
Thank you very much.

SALON fansto be there感謝I am full of feelings.
We will continue to look for wonderful encounters for everyone and introduce them wholeheartedly.

We also need the help of male and female members.
Thank you for your support.

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Concierge Moe Kiriya


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