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I'm very angry... No, I should say I'm amazed

Thank you very much for always watching. This is Harabajime from THE SALON.I'm serious this time... No, I always write seriously, but this time I'm writing more seriously than usual.Please allow me to apologize in advance.

Well, I heard a story like this.Set up and go out Part XNUMX
Woman: "I didn't tell the staff, but I have plans after this and I have to go home right away." Woman: "Actually, I'm not feeling well today. . . 』

↑↑↑ Huh?What is this? ? ?Why didn't you tell the staff in advance?Do you think that if you just look nice to the staff, you'll be fine?Or is it a gratuity aimed at when it is established?Furthermore, well, well, well, even if the man agrees to the above and leaves early that day... In that case, if the next appointment and communication are properly done, I can still forgive him, but after that , I heard nothing from you... Are you kidding me?Look at this, what about me?If you thought, yes, I'm sure you are included.Is that what women who have registered with SALON do?Even if it's established, I think there will be times when you both feel that you're different in the course of your relationship, so it's etiquette to tell each other properly and move on to the next step, right?I know it's hard to say.But let's say it right.Next is the reply when sending an offer
Woman: ``Isn't it a long time to leave 3.4 hours after going out when you're established? 』

↑↑↑ During the interview, did you listen properly?Well, if you think it's too long, you don't have to come.I don't want to call a woman who says such a thing.I want you to think about it once more.
There are many dad activities apps and SALONwrong.
I'll say it again!Others are [different! ! ! ]
Is this what it's like to not be able to close your mouth when you're frightened? . .Please do not trample on the feelings of a man who really wants to meet a good girl because of some easy-going women.We plan to make it even stricter in the future.

It may be that we just didn't have the eyes to see, but we will improve and keep in mind to interview women with eyes and ears that see through more than ever.

I wrote it based on my emotions, but I would like to meet a wonderful person, and I would like to thank all the staff who are working hard to create a good meeting. Please.Thank you for reading to the end.Next time, I would like to write about the talk time during the setting m (__) m - Ginza / Papa Katsu Salon - THE SALON Hajime Hara


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