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Interview is an audition

Hello everyone.
Thank you for visiting THE SALON's blog.

The other day, you came to an interview at SALON.
I will talk about women.

To tell the truth, this woman had an interview last month as well, but she was rejected.
However, he took on the challenge again without hesitation.
Looks were good, so what was the cause?
I think maybe it was the way we talked.

Interviews are not just about your appearance, but also how you speak and how you behave.
Attitude, of course.
After all, you have to be elegant because you will be talking to wealthy people.
For you to likenice smile,Femininity,attractivenessWithout
It will be difficult to introduce you.

It's also an interview to do before introducing you to a man.
So, the SALON interview and settingI want to be an actress,
I'm going to stand on stageIt would be nice if you could come.
the interview isauditionSo!!!
We will ask you to fill in your profile, verify your identity, and then conduct an interview.
After that, we will take some photos and a video for the judging.
Our staff will make a total decision.

I wrote such a difficult thing, but relax
If you can naturally show your femininityhighestis not it.
Girl powerLet's raise
I'm sure you'll meet a nice man for the first time.

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