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☆ 20 minutes is early ☆

Everyone, thank you very much for always watching (*^^*)


This is Hara from THE SALON.


It's getting cold outside, and you can hear the footsteps of winter!
It's the same with Corona, but I think it's almost time for the flu to start spreading, so everyone, please be careful! !



This time!
I will write about the 20 minute talk time!


To all women
How about a 20 minute talk time?
I think there is also tension.
When I say advice, it seems like it's from above, but...


It will be over in 20 minutes! !
Of course, it's important to enjoy a charming conversation together, but if you're someone who talks a lot, that might be fine.
But instead, what kind of child is he?Are you interested in me?There are also people who are looking forward to conversations with women!


After coming to the store, I think that the staff will give you a profile written by a man,
Looking at it, I think it's important to think about what to talk about, what to convey about yourself, and enjoy the 20-minute talk time.
I think it will be an opportunity for men to feel that they want to know more about this child and want to know more about themselves, and that it will be an opportunity to connect with them later! !


Even so, there are times when it still fails.
However, the reason for failure is also important.
Since we didn't know each other's faces from the beginning, it would be easier for the staff to connect with us next time if it was because we were a little different from our image type.
It's not good to talk, isn't it difficult to introduce to any man if you don't feel like you're interested in me?We also think.


I don't know what to do, what to do, etc.
I can't say something like this during the 20-minute talk time because it would be acting, but the staff can give you advice on things like your own appeal, so please feel free to talk to me!
Any such advice is most welcome! !



We will also think about matching that makes both men and women happy to meet at the salon.


Thank you for reading to the end.


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Hajime Hara


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