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Each happy ending you find at SALON

thank you always.

Last night, when I wrapped myself in an electric blanket that I pulled out in the living room for the first time in a while,This is Hayama from THE SALON, who fell asleep in seconds.


However, in the last few days, the city has been getting colder and colder.

Finally, the signs of winter are approaching.


Well, speaking of winter, it's the season when you miss human skin!

(I feel like I'm saying this all season)


In order to survive the coming severe cold and extreme cold,The existence of the opposite sex that warms the body and mind from the core,It's essential (heat)! !

In preparation for the winter when the city is becoming more gorgeous, we offer a SALON for male and female members.I would like you to find an enemy partner.

Recently, I suddenly have something to think about.


“For male and female members, the goal at SALON isWhat is it? "


If I were to sum up the answer neatly,

"Meet the best partner and graduate (withdraw) on a sunny day!"

It will be, but the salon is different from the marriage agency.


Hmm... it's too hard to define a clear goal,"I can't give you an answer right now," is my true intention.


But what I can say for sure is

We "provide opportunities for love without a goal", and our members "Use love without a goal as a trigger to enjoy and fulfill your life.”That thing.

I see,What you get at SALON is "the means, not the purpose"If you think about it, I feel like it's going to fit.


That's what I was thinking while writing this...


Dear Members,Although I know in my head that there is no goal,Yet in a corner of my heartwants only a few percent chance of a goalnotdo you want?


Beyond marriage, at the level of a once-in-a-lifetime experience,Meet the best partner ever.

(Sorry for the wives of the male members!)

I feel like this is one of the goals of SALON.To do.


Of course, it's never easy, butThis hope is 0.1Whether it is a percentage or not at all,I think that there is a difference between heaven and earth in the degree of fulfillment of life.


We humans, no matter how old we are, are still men and women.(Smile).


In fact, some of the members have a perfect match for each other,There are also couples who graduated from SALON with reports of

Also, in the affiliated group "Universe Club", after dating,I've also seen super rare cases that lead to a happy marriage.


You never know where life is going to happen.

In particular, relationships between men and women seem to be simple, but they are complicated,It seems complicated and simple...


That's another fun place!


So, after all, even if I personally think,"No goals"It's a little lonely to be completely divisible with.

Although each form is different, "In the activities at SALON,I would like to add a happy ending scenario."


This time, I was unusually serious and wrote for a long time, but...

If I had the chance,I would be happy if I could hear everyone's serious opinions (laughs).


Well then, I hope to see you again at SALON.We look forward to seeing you!



- Ginza / Complete membership Papa Salon -
Concierge Shinji Hayama


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