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SALON case file, how is it as a person?

I am Ayano Haneda from THE SALON.


The other day, I was lucky enough to go to a sumo theater.
It seems that it is very popular now and it is difficult to get tickets.

While wearing a dress and drinking beer at the seat,
The joy, cheers and sumo power of the people around me was amazing.

My legs...
My legs are numb! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

The seats are so narrow...
I spent my holidays like that.
The muscles of the sumo wrestlers were much more powerful than they looked on TV.


It's been less than two months since the salon opened,
The other day, it happened that the woman didn't even call me on the day of the appointment.


In the end the woman never showed up.
Make time for this day
The fact that there are men who come to visit
Please do not forget.


Whatever the reason, if you're an adult, you can do anything
Maybe we should contact you.
i have an important date
If I overslept, I would go without makeup.

Anything will fly away.
That's the promise.
Whether or not you can meet the time you come to the salon interview is one of the criteria for the examination.

If you would like to contact us before you are late,
Those who are late as if it were a matter of course.
Of course, some people arrive 5 minutes before the scheduled time.
(At that point, it's at least more points than the former)


Thank you for all the inquiries and contacts every day.
Next time, we will have a Q&A from a woman.


Thank you very much.



THE SALON Haneda Ayano


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