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When I tried to write a blog like a chocolate concierge, I introduced myself as a concierge.

Thank you for always watching.
This is kawakami from the salon.

Autumn of sports!Autumn of reading!Autumn of appetite!

Kawakami, of course,Autumn of appetite]

Previously, a blog article written by Haneda [15 yen budget and chocolate concierge],
There was a member who contacted me.
This member is also familiar with sweets, and Kawakami is very excited.
We had a fun time talking about sweets.
I'm so excited that even if I look back at it now, the reply is too long... (laughs)
Thank you for your kind reply.

In such a situation, I went to the shop you recommended and the shop I wanted to go to the other day!

*We have permission to take photos.


I said, "I'd like to visit by the end of this year," and I did! (personal communication)
Are you watching! ?

At this shop in Kansai, the shortcake was recommended by a member.
I answered, "I will definitely buy it!"
I visited

Kawakami (Mango, huh... it's past season...)

By having eaten mango which was not delicious before
For some reason I can't buy mango sweets myself,
This time I gave up crying shortcake.

But when I looked again(Right side of photo),this,peachis not it…?
Even if it's not a peach, it's definitelymangoIsn't it...?
In the first place, such a proper shop doesn't bother to use fruits that are out of season, right?

I wonder why I misunderstood (´;ω;`)

Like thisPonkotsuMy condition shows up from time to time.
While holding a smartphone in my hand, I panicked and said, "I don't have a smartphone!"Or something.

Anyway, I will definitely get revenge on shortcake 😭
Maybe March next time...
I'm sure there will be a report blog like this one at that time, so please keep in touch 😌 lol

By the way, it seems that white sugar (sucrose) may have memory-enhancing effects similar to glucose!
Ladies and gentlemen, let's eat more and more sweets to the extent that we don't get diabetes, and let's enrich our study autumn!

It seems that a new patisserie will open in Nihonbashi, Tokyo next week on the 28th.
Please visit us 😉

Furthermore, by the way,
It has also been pointed out that long-term overdose of sucrose inhibits memory formation.
Choosing and interpreting information is difficult, isn't it 🤔

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