salon diary

Gather at the salon! ! !

Hello everyone!
This is Moe Kiritani from THE SALON.
It's getting cold☆ 彡
It's the season when outerwear is needed.
Are you ready for your autumn/winter outfit? ? ?
Please polish your femininity together.

Is it because of the declaration of a state of emergency and the shortening of working hours?
In October, the number of female interviewees was small.

Has the demand for dad life decreased?
Or maybe you found your dad during the corona crisis
Are you living a calm and happy life? ? ?


"sex appealHaveBeautifulwoman,可愛 いDon't women come? ”
"GlamourAndSECSgood styleChild, won't you come? ”

SmileI can't stand it, you're always smiling明 る いchild.
experienced menbaby, it's notpureA child.
I think it varies, but male members of SALONattractivelooking forward to a woman.

Women who seriously want to find a wonderful dad ♡ We are waiting for your application now!
THE SALON 0120-979-958

Let's all work as dads and become more and more feminine ♬♬♬

- Ginza / Complete membership Papa Salon -
Concierge Moe Kiriya


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